Recently graduated, Ben Grist is a Christian writer and speaker, both online and in churches over England. Whilst pursuing God’s calling for his life, he currently works  for an Anglican Church in London as an Intern.

Welcome to my journey of discovery as I daily seek God’s guidance in my life and share my experiences along the way.

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I started this blog originally as a way of sharing and updating people about what was going on in my life as I moved around at university and around the world.
Since then, it has become a base for me to share my thoughts and upload talks that I have made, alongside keeping people up to date with where I am in the world and the missions I’m involved with.

Jesus has always been here calling out to each of us waiting for us to accept his friendship and follow him. For me, I grew up learning Bible stories and seeing miracles all around me, but it was only when I became a teenager that I knew that these stories weren’t myths or legend but real events that shaped the course of history. I declared this publically in my baptism when I had actively chosen to follow him for the rest of my life and beyond.
Things weren’t always easy though, many times, when things in life seemed hardest to bare, it was so tempting to give up or fall down again, but that’s when I found myself relying on him even more. At university, I fell in love with God’s word, this living and active message of reconciliation and a hope for the future, sharper than any double-edged sword that can penetrate soul and spirit, joints and marrow and more controversial than anything ever uttered throughout all history.
Though I’m still only young and learning what he has in store for me, I will always be trying to follow him and going out to make disciples of all nations and teaching everything he has commanded us. Because Jesus, truly is with us, always, to the very end of the age and forevermore. Are you willing to accept his friendship and get to know him for yourself?